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    IMPORTANT NOTICE  →  The FORM needed with complete Instructions to File your Center Township Earned Income Tax with Berkheimer Associates (Pittsburgh, PA, Inc.) is available Here.

     NOTE:  The HERE will take you directly to Berkheimer Associates website. If you do not have a PDF program to upload this file, please search the internet for PDF programs. There are several programs available, some can be downloaded for free.

    Please be advised that in accordance with Pennsylvania Act 32, Berkheimer Associates (Berkheimer Associates) is now the Tax Officer for Beaver County. All Center Township Residents will file their final Earned Income Tax return with Berkheimer Associates (412) 881-3075 ( The Center Township Wage Tax Office will no longer be collecting Earned Income Tax.

    WHO MUST FILE – Residents of Center Township. Those who have taxable income even if all the tax had been withheld by your employer, students, retired, part-year residents, or if you worked the previous year and had no income for the current year – you must file a Tax Return. Report if you are unemployed, disabled, workman’s compensation, or have retired and are not seeking further employment.


  Last Updated: April 19, 2016

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